Tuesday, July 05, 2005


It's sticky disgustingly hot and I would really be amped if the powers that be would change the dress code here to include flip-flops and shorts.

We could be just like an Old Navy commercial! Think of the morale boost! Before you know it we simple office grunts would be dancing to old Motown hits and smiling cheesily for all and sundry.

Iced coffee drinks for all would be a nice way for the Bossman to say that he cares, too, since obviously he is too cheap to turn the fucking air conditioner up to a reasonable level. Right now everyone is pretty crabby but I think that if one stuck a Dunk-a-Moch-a-ccino in everyone's face, things would improve rapidly.

I am such a great idea woman and am absolutely fucking wasted in my current position.


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