Tuesday, June 28, 2005


So. I am really inept at this whole "updating the blog" thing that seems to come so easily to my prolific friends.

Why? Well I would like to say that it is because I am simply too busy having mad passionate sex to bother turning on the computer box, or that I have been running marathons, plotting to overthrow the current lack of government, or something equally scintillating.

The fact is that none of these things are true and I just have been doing a lot of working, a lot of going out with the friends, and a lot of swearing regarding the huge influx of tourist-type people that have flooded my dear city.

I hate the Taste of Chicago. There, I said it. It is ri-damn-diculous to pay good money for all those tickets. I like to go and see the bands, but I hate the throngs of silly people wearing far far too little clothing on far far too much body - people who have apparently grown up with no knowledge of that wonderful thing called deodorant.

One thing I do like are those ridiculously sweet Mai Tais because let's face it, there is really nothing quite like schlepping around with a sugary alcoholic monstrosity in the summertime, but in line I am always stuck behind three thousand people from WisCahhhnsin who are dripping sweat and barbeque sauce and a mighty mighty stench and it scares me quite deeply.

And how is your summer?


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